Stable and Secure Income

  • Forecast Distribution per unit of 25.4 cents2
  • Quarterly Distributions
  • Portfolio WALE of 11.8 years 1
  • High quality tenants
  • Structured Rental Growth

Diversified Portfolio

  • 80 properties1
  • Diversified by real estate sectors with properties across office, industrial and retail
  • Diversified by geography with properties located in six Australian states

Experienced Manager

  • Managed by Charter Hall, one of Australia's leading fully integrated property groups
  • Charter Hall has $19.0 billion of real estate funds under management across 314 properties and 2,642 tenants
  • Charter Hall's interests are aligned through a material investment in the REIT

1. As at 30 June 2017 including Bunnings South Mackay QLD acquired 3 July 2017

2. In respect of the annualised FY17 period from Allotment to 30 June 2017